Turtles Room

2.5-3.5 Years

Children of this age have a rich imagination and love to engage in fantasy play. They are capable of detailed conversations, cooperate and play well with others, have a longer attention span and improved memory.

2.5-3.5 year-old children enjoy rhythm, stories and jokes. They are more independent and separate more easily from parents.

Some children will be managing toileting at the beginning of their third year and others will not. If children are a perfectionist by nature or 'fussy' about getting things right, they may take longer to develop confidence in managing it themselves.

In this year children delight in physical activity and love to run, jump, climb, dance, ride their three-wheeled bikes and swing. They are not very good at pacing themselves and will get tired and cranky if they don't have some quiet activity between their bouts of energetic activity.

Our Turtles Room offers a stimulating program for children of this age. The room is equipped with lots of interesting and natural play spaces and resources.

In recognition of their love of rhythm and physical exercise, music and outdoor play are daily activities.

Children are given an opportunity to sleep or alternatively rest after lunch each day. The Turtles Room offers a program for 25 children aged between 2.5-3.5 year old each day. The ratios in this age group are over 3 year old 1 educator to 11 children and under 3 year old 1 educator to 4 children.. In line with our Staffing Policy, consistency of carers is important and remains constant each day