Orientation & Commencement of Care

For most children, beginning care means beginning a new and different way of life. Children all react differently to change. Some will respond enthusiastically, interpreting the new experience as an opportunity to be with new people and to enjoy new activities in a new environment. For many other young children however, beginning care can be an unfamiliar and bewildering experience and for some it is very frightening.

We believe the implementation of an orientation program is essential to ensure a smooth, safe and secure transition from home & family to a care environment. It is essential that the orientation process be a progressive transition which focuses on creating a climate of comfort and trust, opening pathways towards a lasting reciprocal relationship between the Centre and families.

When commencing care all new families are offered 2 weeks of orientation sessions. These are charged at our orientation hourly rate.

In special circumstances, families who have a child who continues to find the settling in process difficult after the initial 2-week orientation will have the opportunity to extend their child’s orientation through a more individualised orientation process established in consultation with the family and Centre management.

Handy Hints and Tips

It is advisable to say a goodbye whilst reassuring your child of your return and walk confidently from the playroom. Exiting the room while your child’s not looking does not develop feelings of confidence or trust in your child. Educators will offer emotional and physical comfort whilst the child is becoming used to their new surroundings.

If you would like more information on separation anxiety, please login to the parent portal of our website.