Fees & Application Forms


Parents are encouraged to visit the Centre to meet the staff and see how we operate at any time.  To be officially enrolled however a position must be available.  A waiting list application form must be completed if there are no current vacancies.  If you are offered a position a comprehensive confidential enrolment form is then completed and signed by parents, as an agreement of care and of payment between the parents and the Centre, as well as a Direct Debit Details Form.  On confirmation of a position, parents also receive an Information Booklet & other relevant information about the Centre.

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Waiting List 

If the demand for child care exceeds supply, as it often does and we are unable to place your child at the time of enquiry, the child will be designated the next position on our waiting list.  A completed Waiting List Application Form and payment of a non-refundable administrative fee of $50 is required before being placed on this waiting list.  Positions are allocated according to availability which is dependent on age of child, days sought and whether there are siblings requiring care also.  If a position is offered and a parent declines the waiting list application is re-dated and placed at the end of the list.

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2025 Kindergarten Enrolment

If your child turns 4 years of age by 30th April 2024 he/she is eligible for a kindergarten place. 

For more information and to organise a tour of our kinder facilities please contact management on (03) 9707 0231.