Edrington Park Philosophy & Goals

Unique Identity

Edrington Park Child Care Centre is a close-knit community with strong engagement between children, parents, educators, and the local community where members have a long history and genuinely care for one another.

Holistic Approaches to children's learning and development

Emphasising the importance and interconnectedness of the physical, personal, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being of children as well as cognitive aspects of learning. Providing opportunities to incorporate and extend ideas that promote connection, community and wellbeing whilst also focusing on connections to the natural world.

Safe, natural, sustainable, nurturing, and inclusive environment

Health and physical activity are supported and promoted. Children are protected from harm and hazards at all times. Play spaces and resources are organized and adapted to engage every child in quality experiences.

There are strong connections to nature, with the care and connection to the environment incorporated throughout the curriculum and embedded in daily routines and operations.

A collaborative learning community

Children, educators, and parents are supported to collaborate, learn from, and help each other through critical reflection and from different perspectives. All learning is organic (develops from within the child/adult), emergent, experimental, and based on cooperation.

Capable, competent, and independent learners

Resilient children with a healthy self-esteem and the ability to self-regulate. Confident learners and effective communicators.